Mike Breidegam

Film & Game Composer

Game Music

As much as I enjoy writing music for films, I'd have to say doing music for games has been something that has really sparked my creativity. The whole interactive media format just abounds with creativity and is always open to new and interesting things, especially when it comes to music.

Fantasy RPG and space adventure games would be my top 2 favorite game genres, but I really enjoy many.​

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Fantasy RPG

Zork, King's Quest, Dragon Age, A Bard's Tale..

These are some of the many fantasy RPG games I've truly enjoyed playing in my life.

As a game music composer I've merged my enjoyment of fantasy RPG games with my love of orchestral music.

Space Adventure

Metroid, Robotech, Star Wars, Mass Effect, and more!!T

hese are the games I've had just as much fun playing as those in the fantasy RPG genre.

As a game composer, scoring space adventure games presents such a different and wonderful opportunity to create some really fantastic music.

Other Game Music

The best part about game music is the variety of musical genres/styles they use.​

Below are some samples of other styles of music I have written that were either for games or inspired by existing games.