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Mike is a film and video game composer based in Los Angeles, California. He started his music career as a performer, specializing in woodwinds and first branched out into scoring films and then started working in video games. 

As a film composer he's scored many dramatic and comedic short films, utilizing orchestral, jazz and rock music. 

For the 2019 sci-fi feature film "Nation of the Third Eye" he crafted an eerie and driving orchestral/electronic hybrid score.

And he composed an emotional and elegant orchestral score for the award-winning 2020 documentary "The Message". 

As a game music composer, he's released 2 game music albums. One is entirely of orchestral music suited for games in the fantasy RPG genre and the other is all electronic music in the vane of a space adventure game. He has also composed music for some game jams and regularly participates in the monthly 7 Day game music challenge hosted by the VGM Academy.


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