Services Mike Breidegam Offers

If you're a director in need of a musical score for your film or a composer needing someone to orchestrate a piece of music, Mike can provide you with anything you need. Below is a list of all the musical services Mike offers.



Create original instrumental music to be used as underscore or source music for film, television and video projects. Styles range from orchestral to ambient.



Create complete arrangements/orchestrations for existing musical pieces or songs. Versed in jazz, rock/pop, funk and orchestral film score styles.

MIDI Programming/Orchestration


Create MIDI mock-ups for existing musical compositions and arrangements, either from hand-written scores or Finale notation files. Additionally can take basic MIDI files and flush out to fully orchestrated musical compositions.

Finale Engraver


Provide complete scores and/or instrument parts in Finale notation from hand-written scores or extracted from standard MIDI files. Versed in music for jazz ensembles, including special jazz articulations, standard classical notation and custom notation.

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