Film, Television, Movie & Video Credits

This page comprises a list of all film, television and video projects Mike has scored the music for. Additionally are credits garnered for other musical services provided.


"Possessed" - Horror short film

  " Additional Composer

  " Directed by Joseph Charafi

"Springtime a la carte" - Romantic short film

  " Composer

  " Directed by Sameer Bhavnan

"Numbers" - SAG comedy short film

  " Additional soundtrack music

  " Directed by Annie Wood

"A Life Within" - Psychological Suspense short film

  " Composer

  " Directed by Giovanni Tartaglia

"Gambler's Anonymous" - Drama short film

  " Composer

  " Directed by Jennifer Lee Loy

"Blind Stare" - Drama short film

  " Composer

  " Directed by James Muthuuri

"I'm Not That Kind of Girl" - Romance short film

  " Additional composer

  " Directed by Raj Rahi and Rajeev Chibber


  " Additional music

  " Directed by Jonathan Polenz

Music Services

Finale Engraver

  " "The Latin Guitar Handbook" by Dr. Chris Mello, music professor El Camino College

  " Latin-jazz charts for USC Latin ensemble "Alaje"


  " Jazz charts for main lounge showband on Carnival Cruise Lines

  " Horn arrangements for Boston area dance troupe's production of the Beatles

     "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band"

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