Mike Breidegam: A Biography

Since picking up the saxophone at age 10, Mike has always been involved in music. Throughout his life he has studied and performed on saxophone, clarinet, flute and bassoon, both inside and outside of school, in styles ranging from classical to jazz to pop/rock. In addition to be a multi-instrumentalist, he also has studied jazz and traditional harmony, arranging and orchestration, composition, notation, piano and recording. In 1997, he graduated from the esteemed Berklee College of Music in Boston with a degree in both Jazz Composition and Performance.


While in college Mike played around the Boston area in jazz groups, musical theatre, rock/pop group and Italian bands. After college he went to work for Carnival Cruise Lines as a performer in the main lounge band. For this gig, Mike played alto,tenor and baritone sax, flute and clarinet in a variety of styles from jazz to broadway/Vegas style shows. He also did a stint as the ship's musical director during one of his contracts.


In 2001, Mike moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a composer and performer. For several years he was a regular member of a swing band performing at local clubs and private venues. Currently he performs pop/jazz for special events and private functions in a duo, trio or quartet.


As an arranger, Mike worked on charts for the lounge band on Carnival and for the swing band he was a member of in LA. He would also use his vast knowledge of Finale to engrave his own charts and those of the groups he worked in. He also went on to engrave several charts for the USC Latin-Jazz group Alaje and was the sole engraver on the book "The Latin and Brazilian Guitar Handbook" published by Mel Bay, and authored by Dr. Chris Mello, professor at El Camino College.


In addition to performing and arranging, Mike has been active in the film composing world. He first started out by scoring several student short films and then went on to score some independent short films, with several that have gone to local area film festivals. He has earned IMDB credit as a film composer and as contributing composer to a film soundtrack. For all the film scores, he has not only composed the music, but also has orchestrated, recorded, mixed and produced it.


Now Mike's skills has a performer, composer, arranger/orchestrator and Finale engraver are available for any performance or project.

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