Samples of tracks Mike has composed for various film scoring projects. Film genres include sci-fi/fantasy, suspense/thriller, drama and action.

Video clips from the various film projects Mike has composed for. Film genres include drama, thriller and comedy.

Information and media content focusing on Mike as a performer. Includes videos and audio tracks from live performances and studio recordings.

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Mike Breidegam, Composer: Music for Film, TV and Video productions

This site provides information and audio/video content featuring the music of film and television composer Mike Breidegam.


Mike Breidegam is a creative composer that provides quality original music to add that extra touch for all your film, television and video projects. Whether you are looking for hard-driving rock for that commercial, an ambient flavored piece for that drama or an orchestral score for a full-length feature, he can provide a custom score to suit your needs. You can hear some musical samples on the Music pages of this site.


In addition to composing, Mike Breidegam also offers a variety of other musical support services, such as arranging/orchestration, for other composers and musicians. See the list of services offered on the Services page of this site.


Mike Breidegam, Performer: Saxophone, flute and clarinet

In addition to being a composer, Mike is also an active performer. He is primarily a tenor saxophonist, but also plays alto saxophone, flute and clarinet. Styles include jazz, classical, rock, pop, funk, fusion and musical theatre.



What can Mike Breidegam's music do for your film or television production?

First and foremost, he brings his love of movies and television, and his passion for music to every project. His professionalism, openness and positive attitude help in making the collaborative process creative and successful. With Mike's composing, orchestration, MIDI and production skills he can create a variety of scores to suit most any video production. And In using some of the industry's best sample libraries he can create realistic sounding scores at a budget price.


What other services can Mike Breidegam provide to you?

As an arranger and orchestrator he can aid composers in transforming their musical composition to any size ensemble. From a string quartet to full orchestra, jazz quartet to full big band, he can bring a piece of music to life.


As a Finale Engraver/copyist he can take an orchestrated piece of music and create a professional looking score and instrumental parts using the Finale software. He has experience with jazz, orchestral and specialized notation.


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